Health Insurance In Alabama

With high unemployment rate, many families in Alabama have found themselves unable to afford health insurance benefits through the COBRA health care program and have been forced off to get employer-based health coverage. Whereas, Alabamians without access to employer-based health coverage can shop for a health plan in the private marketplace and through the state’s health insurance exchange. However, the cost and health care options have gone in vastly different directions, those who’re eligible may apply for Medicaid and CHIP (public health plans).

Alabama and ACA
When the Affordable Care Act took effect, Alabama elected to participate in the federally facilitated health insurance exchange, however, the state is more resistant to the ACA and also refuses to expand Medicaid to single and low-income adults. As a result, the health of its residents and their access to health care benefits has surely impacted.

Alabama 2017 Health Insurance Statistics
178,414 people were enrolled during 2017open enrollment period which is 8.5% lower than it had been the year before, down from 195,055 in 2016.

Are You Interested In Buying Private Health Insurance Plan In Alabama?
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An individual and family (private) health insurance plan may fit right for you if:
  • Your employer does not offer a group health insurance plan
  • You are self-employed or a freelancer
  • You are enrolled in a plan, but can’t afford the premiums
  • You are enrolled in an employer’s group plan, but the plan does not cover your spouse or dependents
  • You are enrolled in plan, but your health care benefits needs have changed

  • Finding Affordable Alabama Individual & Family Health Insurance
    If you’re a couple, looking for a new health plan, we recommend that you should search for quotes both together and separately so that you can choose the most affordable option for you.

    The rates for Alabama couples, individual and family health insurance (depending on the health insurance company) can be based on the age of the person on the policy. If you decide to apply as a couple, make sure the health insurance plan you choose covers the health care benefits both of you need.

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